Sofia, Bulgaria, June 28-29, 2013 : The Bulgarian pharmaceutical days

From June 28, 2013 13:02 until June 29, 2013 15:02
At Sofia
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The Pharmaceutical Union of Bulgaria organized in the same event its annual conference and an exhibition, seminars and presentations. The event was entitled "Pharmacists - The more accessible health care professionals."

Mariane Cimino was invited to talk about EurHeCA and e-health to an audience of about 300 Bulgarian pharmacists. She introduced the challenges of the Directive 2005/36 on the recognition of professional qualifications. She made the link between 1) the evidence of professional qualifications, 2) its use to access e-health applications and 3) also to better understand medical demography.

She presented the context of creation of the EurHeCA association and explained its objectives in relation to these three themes.

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