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Prof. Dr. Máximo A. González Jurado

EurHeCA: European Health professionals' Competent Authorities

As new President of EurHeCA, I would firstly like to thank all Members for the excellent work done so far with the leadership of my predecessor Mr. Patrick Fortuit and his team. The future developments could not be possible, in any case, without appreciating their actions, and their continuous effort during the first years of existence of EurHeCA.

I assumed the responsibility of the Presidency conscious of both the difficulties but also the importance of consolidating the crucial role played by regulatory bodies and competent authorities of healthcare professions in the European Union. For this, an essential condition is required and this is the general commitment to health protection and patienty safety that can be guaranteed only through an ethical, autonomous and competent professional practice.

With these premises, EurHeCA aims to give continuity to the excellent job already started, being more inclusive and progressively expanding the number of its members.What we are pursuing is to extend the representativeness of EurHeCA in all European and International fora, giving the opportunity to all competent authorities of healthcare professions who wish, to join in activily and with all rights, being exempted from any administrative or economical barrier.

At present, some key issues such as the free movement of the European healthcare professionals, the European professional card, the IMI, the continuous education together with the continuous professional development (CPD) and the revalidation processes are just some of the topics EurHeCA is dealing with.

The new information and communication technologies (ICT) must be seen as basic tools for the modernization of our Organizations as well as instruments for their interoperability. In short term, high-speed e-infrastructures will be necessary and also in this context EurHeCA should demonstrate its innovation capacity for which some actions have already been taken.

With the effort, the illusion and the experience of all our current Members and any other who will join us in the next future, we will be able to bring quality, safety and, above all, as much well being as possible for patients and for the professionals that we proudly represent.

Prof. Dr. Máximo A. González Jurado

President of EurHeCA



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