The revised Directive on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications provides for the introduction of an alert mechanism for professionals who are involved in the education of minors or whose activities have an impact on the safety of minors Patients. As such, health professionals are of course affected by this mechanism.


The aim of the alert mechanism is to ensure that all the competent authorities of the various Member States are alerted as soon as possible if a professional is restricted or prohibited from practising his / her profession - on a temporary or permanent basis - on the territory of another Member State, due to a disciplinary measure or a criminal conviction.


In practice, the competent authorities must now provide the following information within three days following the decision leading to the restriction or prohibition of practice via the IMI System - Market Information System Interior - information exchange network that connects the various national authorities:


  • The identity of the professional;
  • The profession concerned;
  • Information on the national authority or jurisdiction adopting the restriction or prohibition decision;
  • The scope of the restriction or prohibition of exercise;
  • The period during which the restriction or prohibition of practice applies.
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