Source: European Commission | FrailSafe will combine state of the art information technologies and data mining techniques with high-level expertise in the field of health and ageing. The project is funded by the European Research programme Horizon 2020 and will last three years.

noticia8The FrailSafe project aims to delay frailty by developing a set of measures and tools, together with recommendations to reduce its onset. Frailty is a syndrome characterized by diminished strength, endurance, and reduced physiologic function that increases an individual’s vulnerability for developing increased dependency, and/or death. Frailty is also related to multiple pathologies: weight loss, and/or fatigue, weakness, low activity, slow motor performance, and balance and gait abnormalities. It makes older persons more vulnerable to stressors and has major health care implications, which in turn have an impact on the planning and delivery of health and social services.

Frailty together with functional decline and disability are common conditions among older people, and are increasing with ageing. However, frailty is a dynamic and not an irreversible process; it seems preventable, may be delayed, or reversed.

FrailSafe, an international partnership of nine partners from six countries, decided to join forces to find solutions to delay the onset of frailty. Partners include: the University of Patras (Greece, coordinator), Brainstorm (Spain), Smartex and Gruppo SIGLA (Italy), CERTH and Hypertech (Greece), INSERM (France), AgeCare (Cyprus) and AGE Platform Europe (Belgium).

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